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View Article Icon 2020-05-22  Home prices could fall up to 18% over next 12 months: CMHC
View Article Icon 2020-05-22  Falling rents pose 'a big risk' for home prices: Capital Economics
View Article Icon 2020-05-21  Housing market beginning to normalize after historically bad April: TD
View Article Icon 2020-05-20  Posthaste May 20: Housing prices could plummet 18% in a year as a mortgage 'deferral cliff
View Article Icon 2020-05-19  Canada's Average Home Selling Price Falls 11% In April, With Toronto Leading
View Article Icon 2020-05-15  Canada's Average Home Selling Prices Falls 11% In April, With Toronto Leading
View Article Icon 2020-05-04  Canadian Housing Market Will Stay Down 'For Years' Due To Lower Immigration: Report
View Article Icon 2020-05-01  Real estate in upheaval until 2022, says one of Canada's biggest landlords
View Article Icon 2020-05-01  Home construction to start bouncing back in July: Altus
View Article Icon 2020-04-30  Housing Prices In Canada Immune To COVID-19: Economists
View Article Icon 2020-04-23  Forced Selling May Be Headed For Canada's Housing Market
View Article Icon 2020-04-22  First-time homebuyers suffering massive job losses during pandemic: Altus
View Article Icon 2020-04-21  In Canada's oil capital, a real estate glut compounds the misery
View Article Icon 2020-04-20  'COVID Clauses' Await Buyers In Canada's Housing Market
View Article Icon 2020-04-17  Home sales heading for record-breaking decline in April: TD
View Article Icon 2020-04-16  Once safer than gold, Canadian real estate braces for reckoning
View Article Icon 2020-04-16  Canadian Home Sales Dropped 14.3% In March, But Worst Is Yet To Come
View Article Icon 2020-03-09  Annual pace of housing starts in February slowed compared with January
View Article Icon 2020-02-12  Annual pace of housing starts in January up from December, tops expectations
View Article Icon 2020-02-10  Condo gains push Canadian housing starts to a 4-month high
View Article Icon 2020-01-08  As supply dwindles, GTA home prices cap off 2019 with a price jump

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